Section 333 approved for safe and legal UAS operations Nationwide.


Verascan is an Aerospace Services and Solutions company focused on providing cost-effective industry solutions through advanced sensor technology and manageable data platforms.

We are here to provide our customers with user-friendly products that allow them to efficiently view and process high quality data. We seek to work alongside existing workflows, eliminating the need to start new processes from the ground up.



Verascan’s aerial systems offer a solution for complex inspection challenges. We are dedicated to operational excellence and maintaining the highest level of safety protocols. Our goal is to deliver a responsible service while ensuring reliable and professional operations.


Verascan is founded on years of military training, combined with thousands of hours flying and instructing in manned & unmanned aerial systems. Applying these skills gives Verascan the edge when it comes to commercial aerospace applications.


Every industry that we touch has unique qualities. We have chosen a select group of platforms and sensors to achieve success in any environment. Cutting edge sensor technologies, integrated with the latest aerial and aerospace assets allow us to provide our customers with reliable, high-resolution data packages.


We believe that advancements in aerospace technology combined with remote sensing capabilities will simplify lives, enhance safety protocols, provide future employment and address some of the world’s immediate issues.

Our Service

Verascan's software and data analysis tools convert aerial data into actionable information supporting better business decisions.






Customer Needs Analysis


Aircraft & Sensor Package


Data Acquisition


Proprietary Stitching & Data Analysis


Custom User Interface


Site Design & Resource Management



Providing farmers with usable data allows them to properly manage their resources. Landowners are able to monitor water usage, fertilizer distribution and detect pathogens. Improvements in crop yields can mean significant dollars to the farmer and reduced costs to the consumer.


Providing mine managers with a comprehensive survey that includes detailed aerial mapping along with 2D & 3D geo-spatial information is the difference in a new age of mining operations. Mining companies are able to measure stockpiles, manage resources, track progress and manage daily operations.


The field of construction has continually embraced technology as a means to improve productivity and output quality. Builders, engineers and contractors are now able to visualize their progress more frequently with the use of unmanned aerial platforms. High-definition aerial photography, land surveying capabilities and 3D mapping tools allow for faster planning and accurate decisions to be made.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas infrastructure provides us with the power we need to sustain our everyday lives. Maintenance and inspections are carried out to ensure operations are at optimum levels. These inspections can often be in hazardous or isolated areas. Using our technology the customer can dramatically decrease operating costs, inspection timelines and emissions, whilst ensuring safety throughout.


Verascan is an end-to-end solution closing the gap between data collection and analytics.

Global Satellite

Our High Resolution 2D & 3D imagery is GIS & NDVI capable. This imagery is updated every 48hrs and is the first step in understanding your area of interest.

Manned Aircraft

Fuel-efficient & economical, our manned aircraft bolster the fleet with the ability to provide enduring coverage and address statewide requirements.

Single Wing UAV

A big step forward in commercial UAS engineering, our single-wing design is highly capable and extremely agile. Providing data with pinpoint accuracy this asset successfully bridges the gap between manned aircraft and sUAS.

Multi Rotor UAV

Whether moving between multiple points of interest or focusing on a specific location, this asset is perfect for maneuvering in dynamic environments and observing new developing trends.



Verascan works with the worlds leading aircraft and sensors manufacturers, providing our customers with the next generation of data acquisition.

Our aerial imagery and data packages enhance an organizations situational awareness, enabling them to make timely decisions that increase productivity and cut costs.

Agriculture, Energy, Mining, Construction? No matter the industry, we are able to tailor a solution to meet your needs.


Verascan offers solutions for complex inspection challenges, our teams are dedicated to operational excellence and maintaining the highest level of safety protocols. We deliver a responsible service while ensuring reliability and professionalism throughout.


Yes. Verascan works in conjunction with government & regulatory authorities to ensure that all of our operations are legal, insured and safe.


Verascan solutions come in two stages: Planning and Service

Before choosing your service and data requirements you will need to be involved in the planning process. All organizations are different, management history and understanding current practices is fundamental to the planning phase. This stage typically lasts 30 days.

Our end-to-end, turnkey solutions are provided at a cost per engagement basis. Pricing is dependent on aircraft, sensor type, and amount of data collected.


You do. Verascan will collect, analyze and store your data in our secure cloud environment. Your data will then be accessible using our custom portal as part of our turnkey solution. Your organization maintains complete ownership of all data collected and under no circumstances will Verascan share any of your information.


Our customer service department will get back to you as soon as possible.