Verascan's Aerial Surveying Techniques Help in Boulder City Bypass Construction

February 22, 2016 

Las Vegas, NV. 

A 4.5 mile stretch of the RTC I-11 Highway Boulder City Bypass project recently proved to be too big for conventional survey methods. Las Vegas Paving Corp., who was awarded a 12.5 mile stretch of the project called in Verascan Inc. a Las Vegas based aerial data company to complete an airborne survey of a problematic stretch of proposed road.  Verascan used its unique and innovative workflow to get the critical data back to Las Vegas Paving in a short amount of time which allowed construction to continue without delay.

The bypass is a significant project because it would be the first portion of original roadway for I-11, a proposal to link Mexico and Canada by way of Phoenix and Las Vegas, the two largest metropolitan areas not connected by an interstate highway.

The designated I-11 route would use most of what today is U.S. Highway 93, which already is a four-lane divided highway for most of the 206 miles between Boulder City and Wickenburg, Ariz., that would have to be upgraded to interstate highway specifications.

Verascan is an advanced remote sensing and geospatial information company focused on providing services and products that allow customers to efficiently view and process high quality aerial data. The company is founded on years of military training, aerial data analysis and thousands of hours flying and instructing in manned and unmanned aerial systems.

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